The Desert Rose Band - One Step Forward (FidelPerez Cover)

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

What's up, everybody! Fidel Perez here and I hope you guys enjoyed my cover of One Step Forward (Two Steps Back) by The Desert Rose Band with Lyrics. And if you guys liked it be sure to click that "THUMBS UP" and "SUBSCRIBE" then hit that "NOTIFICATION BELL" to get notified whenever I upload new videos. This cover was actually inspired by my favorite game called GTA (Grand Theft Auto) San Andreas which the song plays on the country radio station called K-Rose. Hope you guys enjoyed the video with lyrics in it and I think some of you guys who are a really hard core GTA SA fans might have noticed my wrong lyric from the video, the line starts from "You were the thorn in the clouds" but it was supposed to be "You were the thorn and the flower". Just wanted to let you guys know, so you won't have to point it out for me, okay? Chill... lol. This won't happen again, I promise. :) Country music is always my favorite, along with yodeling and I hope you guys liked it. Be sure to check out my other videos if you want to hear me yodel... :D My YouTube Channel:

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